Tampa Bay Tarpon Season is NOW
 Specials as Low As $449.00
  Tampa * St. Pete * Sarasota * Clearwater

CAPT THOM RODGERS  813 917 5270


BOAT # 1
The Custom 24 footer immediately to the left is perfectly suited for your fishing charter.  Tarpon, Kingfish,Cobia,Redfish,Snook,Trout and all other nearshore species are near the Tampa Bay St.Petersburg, and Sarasota coastline. This boat features an open deck, 50 gallon livewell, and an observation tower for fish spotting. It is powered by an impeccably maintained 200 horsepower Yamaha 4 stroke. Some of the safety equipment includes:  emergency Personal Infrared Rescue Beacon (EPIRB), VHF ship to shore radios (2), and all U.S. Coast Guard required equipment. We want to be your fishing guides for a long time. We will have a great time on your fishing charter. Tarpon Fishing, Snook fishing, or Red Fishing. All kinds of FISH.... are waiting for us now! Let's Go!! 

Boat # 2  
The 20' MICRO DRAFT is a specialty boat designed to get into the most remote shallow water holes and grass flats. Most fishing guides know many of the best fishing spots are found in difficult to reach SHALLOW areas. In the shallows you will find areas nearby that are a little deeper (potholes) and yet surrounded by impossibly shallow water....very hard to get to in a normal "flats boat" at low tide. These "potholes" often hold Snook, Redfish, Big Speckled Trout, Pompano, and a bevy of other fun to catch species. This boat is highly unusual and is a real killer on these hard to get to spots. If you want to run to some backwater "holes" in a true Florida Cracker specialty boat....you will immediately understand the beauty and efficiency of this boat!This boat will run in 4 inches of water!  Let's go get em' !!